Mission & Vision

BesTripTips Mission?

Help You To Choose Your Next Adventure

Provide travelers with impartial informative content and help them make well-informed decisions about their next adventure. We will also tell you about the peculiar places less known to tourists, real hidden gems, creating a travel community.

BesTripTips Vision?

Creating The Largest Travel Community

We aspire to build the largest Travel Discord Community of trip enthusiasts and experiences digital nomads, creating an healthy space where we can connect, share incredible experiences, and inspire one another to enjoy memorable journeys. 

Who We Are

Fabrizio Pepe - BesTripTips Author

Fabrizio Pepe

Co-founder of Ziken Labs, architecture student, and travel lover, he is in charge of BesTripTips' editorial team.

Luca Polo - BesTripTips Designer

Luca Polo

Co-founder of Ziken Labs, experienced graphic designer, he merges creativity, technology and innovation.

Federica Sorgini - BesTripTips Author

Federica Sorgini

Creative and dreamer, with a degree in Marketing, she is an experienced copywriter who thinks outside the box.

Sara Czekaj - BesTripTips Author

Sara Czekaj

University student of Project Management, passionate about philosophy, art and oriental cultures.

Hedi Hannachi - BesTripTips Author Copywriter

Hedi Hannachi

Aspiring copywriter, novice content creator and part-time blogger because he wants to learn, tell stories and give you a smile.

Marco Gagliardi - BesTripTips Author

Marco Gagliardi

Graduated in Public and Private administrations, he lands in the world of copywriting dealing with travles and web3.

Looking for a Travel Discord Community?

Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or a new traveller looking to reach an emerging community, we welcome all the members in our BesTripTips community.
Join us in our Discord server to make new friends, share different experience, and connect with people from all around the world. Join our Travel Community now!

Amazing Places

Read about wild locations, interesting cities, or relaxing gateways. Discover hidden gems all around the world thanks to our curated selection of charming destinations.

Curious Teams

Be sure to read trip tips that come from travel enthusiasts, always eager to share their experience and advices with you. Gain experience for your next amazing travel!

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Always travel safe and well equipped. From packing hacks to local insights, you will get practical advice and trip tips to enjoy your travel experience at best.

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Join our community and earn while you explore. If you love both writing and traveling, you can collaborate with us and turn these passions into earning opportunities.

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