Gardens of Bomarzo: Why You Should Visit The Park of Monsters

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If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for the following charming location in Italy. So… Welcome to a world where fantasy meets reality: the Gardens of Bomarzo!

They are an exciting stop indeed, especially if you love nature and the art of landscaping!

The Gardens are nestled in the heart of Italy, in the Lazio region. Due to the massive mythological sculptures they house, they are also known as the “Sacro Bosco” (Sacred Wood) or “Parco dei Mostri” (Park of Monsters). For this reason, the Gardens of Bomarzo are a true gem, a place to discover and enjoy that particular mix of nature, art, and mystery.

In this article, we will provide more information about their history and how to reach them.

Be sure to read until the end of this blog post… We will also unveil some undiscovered curiosities about it! Join us at Bestriptips in this peculiar place, where every statue tells a story, every path leads to a magical and mysterious adventure, and every corner reveals a unique detail to discover. Whether you are a history lover, an art enthusiast, or an admirer of nature, prepare yourself to be truly enchanted by these extraordinary Gardens!

Historic Charm: Unveiling The Mysteries Of The Gardens Of Bomarzo

Before exploring the characteristics of these Gardens, it is helpful to know more about their history and how (and why) the idea of this place was conceived. Duke Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned the part in the 16th century. He was a patron of the arts and was greatly devoted to his wife. After her death, he commissioned the Gardens to honor her. 

The famous architect Pirro Ligorio designed the Gardens and conceived them as a sanctuary with mythological creatures and fantastic sculptures sharing the natural space in a harmonic but bizarre way. Orsini intended to use the Gardens to create a curious venue with an enigmatic and mysterious nature– a true exception at that time! 

Peperino stone scultures - Gardens of Bomarzo Park of Monster - BesTripTips best trip tips

Most of the sculptures are made of local peperino stone, the typical magmatic rock of the Tuscia region, and many researchers have tried to understand their meaning. 

Some of them proposed that the Gardens represent an initiatory path to the world of mystery… But there always needed to be a clear answer: the Gardens of Bomarzo stimulate visitors’ imaginations in different ways! Apart from the Gardens, if you have time to spend around it, consider visiting the nearby town of Bomarzo or the stunning medieval city of Viterbo. It is a perfect way to start or end your visit to the Gardens.

Let’s share some valuable information to make your visit more enjoyable: keep reading!

Visiting The Gardens Of Bomarzo With Ease: Here Some Useful Tips

Now that you know the history behind the incredible Gardens of Bomarzo, we will give you useful advice and information to plan your visit.

How To Reach The Park? 

Bomarzo is situated in the province of Viterbo, but you can easily reach it by car or public transportation from Rome and Florence. If you are traveling by train instead, we suggest taking a regional train to Orte. Then, you will arrive at Bomarzo with a short bus ride.

About The Tickets

You can buy your tickets online or at the entrance gate upon arrival, but the prices can vary according to your age or the season. The prices are around 9 euros, and you can check for them on the official Gardens of Bomarzo website

Where To Eat?

We know we are discussing art and nature here, but sustenance is equally important!

So, where do you eat around the Gardens of Bomarzo? Because you are in Italy, you are lucky to find many trattorias and cafes in the surrounding areas, where you can try the local cuisine. In the heart of Bomarzo village, cozy family-run restaurants serve homemade pasta dishes or great grilled meats. Or, if you’d rather go a bit further away from the Gardens, you will find exquisite restaurants in another nearby village called Civita Castellana.

But now let’s go back to the mysteries of the Gardens of Bomarzo… At the beginning of this article, we promised you that we at Bestriptips would unveil some interesting curiosities about the park.So, what are you waiting for? Please keep reading to know them!

Gardens Of Bomarzo: 5 Fun Facts About Its Mysterious Sculptures

As we already mentioned, walking through the Gardens of Bomarzo will reveal giant sculptures representing mythological and monstrous figures. This is why the park is known as “Gardens of the Monsters” after all! But what mysterious meaning is hidden behind these figures? Five particular sculptures captured our attention and we want to share some interesting information about them.

The Mouth of Hell

The Mouth of Hell - Gardens of Bomarzo Park of Monster - BesTripTips best trip tips

This sculpture is believed to represent the entrance to the underworld: an actual portal to the realm of the dead in Roman mythology.The sculpture is also known as “Orcus’ Mouth,” in ancient mythology, Orcus was the god of the underworld. In this case, the sculpture’s big mouth symbolizes the boundary between the mortal world and the afterlife and serves as a reminder of death’s inevitability.

The Giant Tortoise

The Giant Tortoise - Gardens of Bomarzo Park of Monster - BesTripTips best trip tips

Another iconic sculpture that immediately captures the attention of visitors, both for its size and the sense of wisdom it conveys. The Giant Tortoise is believed to symbolize longevity, resilience, and the cyclical nature of time in different cultures and mythologies. In the context of Bomarzo, this sculpture serves as a reminder of the passing of time and the natural world’s never-ending legacy. So, this sculpture reminds us that, as humans, we are just along for a short ride here on Earth!

The Temple Of Eternity

The Temple of Eternity - Gardens of Bomarzo Park of Monster - BesTripTips best trip tips

The structure resembles a Greek temple, representing the eternal quest for knowledge and enlightenment. It is characterized by classical architecture, and its design invites visitors to contemplate human wisdom and the mysteries of nature. This sculpture is called “The Temple Of Eternity”: it symbolizes the human desire to overcome the limits of mortality and seek meaning in the great and infinite power of nature and the entire universe!

The Leaning House

The Leaning House - Gardens of Bomarzo Park of Monster - BesTripTips best trip tips

This structure will make you go crazy. Can you believe it?

Its slanted walls and tilted windows go against conventional building stability and order.

When inside, your perception of the space around you will be altered: it undoubtedly symbolizes the fragility of human senses and the ambiguity of the world!

The Fountain Of Pegasus

The Fountain of Pegasis - Gardens of Bomarzo Park of Monster - BesTripTips best trip tips

Here, we have a fountain from which the figure of Pegasus emerges. 

The horse, in particular, symbolizes the passion and instinctive impetuosity that can be dominated by the human spiritual will, which is represented by the horse’s wings instead. 

In the Gardens, Pegasus is located right in the middle of the fountain and is represented by kicking a rock wall. But here’s a fun fact… It is said that Pegasus could stop earthquakes with the strength of his hooves. Perhaps an earthquake caused the ruins near the fountain! 

So, Are You Ready To Embrace The Magical Gardens Of Bomarzo?

Here ends our journey together through the mysterious Gardens of Bomarzo.

Don’t you feel a sense of wonder and curiosity about it? 

If so, it is perfectly normal, and we suggest dedicating a few hours to visiting this park in Italy. The Gardens represent a testament to the enduring power of art and nature and are the perfect getaways for you dreamers!

Lose yourself in the path, look at the majestic sculptures, and wonder what they mean to you. Let your imagination run wild- it is just the main objective the Gardens were built for!

But remember also to enjoy a simple walk in nature: beyond its symbolism, the Gardens of Bomarzo offer peace for your mind. Here, you can truly escape the hustle of modern life and the excessive sounds of the cities and immerse yourself in a tranquil path instead.

What do you say, are you curious to witness the magic and wild nature of this mysterious place? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it, and come back here at BesTripTips to find other interesting suggestions for your next destinations.

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