Federica Sorgini

Federica Sorgini

Creative and dreamer, with a degree in Marketing, Federica Sorgini is an experienced copywriter who thinks outside the box.
7 Camping Tips for your Trip - Best Trip Tips Guide

7 Camping Tips For Your Trip: Enhancing Outdoor Adventures

Here at BesTripTips, we can provide you with all the useful advice and trip tips you need to enjoy the perfect camping experience. Even if you are mostly an urban person, we understand the need to escape from the city from time to time, so in this article, we will share with you 7 camping tips that will help you plan your getaway and make the most of your outdoor adventure!
7 Summer Islands in Europe - BesTripTips

7 Summer Islands In Europe You Should Visit In 2024

Why Europe? Because it offers a great deal of captivating destinations when it comes to islands and crystal clear waters. From the rugged coastlines of the Mediterranean to the fascinating archipelagos of the Atlantic, here you will find helpful information about the best European islands.