Luxembourg Travel Guide 2024: What To Do And Explore?

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Welcome to the Luxembourg travel guide here at BesTripTips! Are you planning your next vacation and want to visit somewhere unusual in Europe?
Luxembourg may be the perfect solution: it is one of Europe’s smallest countries, but it can offer you a unique blend of history, fun activities, and wildlife that continuously attracts travelers from all around the world.
This guide is designed to help you discover all that Luxembourg has to offer, from its medieval castles and stunning landscapes to its cosmopolitan capital city. If you’re ready to explore, keep reading. You won’t be disappointed! Luxembourg might surprise you with its charm, multilingual culture, and incredibly welcoming atmosphere.

Here’s Why You Should Consider To Visit Luxembourg

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Luxembourg. Its strategic location at the crossroads of Belgium, France, and Germany makes it a perfect addition to any European travel itinerary. Its central position also infuses Luxembourg with a rich cultural heritage, evidenced by its architecture, cuisine, and multilingual population.

Beyond its geographic and cultural appeal, Luxembourg is renowned for its high quality of life and safety. It is the ideal destination for traveling solo or with your family. Apart from the capital city, if you are a nature lover, you will find Luxembourg enchanting because, in such a small area, it still offers stunning green landscapes, including the picturesque Mullerthal region, often referred to as “Little Switzerland.”

How to Get to Luxembourg

Reaching Luxembourg is simple because of its excellent transport links.
The Luxembourg Airport (LUX) is just 6 kilometers from the capital, Luxembourg City, and offers flights to and from major European cities.
Once you land, you can quickly get to the city center with frequent bus services, taxis, or car rental options at the airport.
Luxembourg is also well-connected by train and bus routes if you prefer overland travel. The country’s central railway station is Gare de Luxembourg, which provides direct services to Paris, Brussels, and Trier.
You can also drive to Luxembourg, which is well-served by an excellent network of roads and highways that link it seamlessly with Belgium, France, or Germany. Let’s continue our Luxembourg travel guide!

Luxembourg City - Luxembourg Travel Guide - BesTripTips

Luxembourg Travel Guide in 4 Steps

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which stands as a captivating blend of historical depth and contemporary life.
We are talking about Luxembourg’s political and cultural heart and financial hub, which is known for its status as one of Europe’s wealthiest cities!
Despite this, it still retains a charming, small-town feel that you can feel and see as soon as you walk its streets and historic districts. Its unique geography is highlighted by stunning vistas and the famous Adolphe Bridge, a majestic arch bridge from which you will enjoy picturesque views of the valley below! 

The Old Quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the crown jewel of the city’s historical architecture.
Please don’t get fooled by its urban setting, though! Luxembourg City is remarkably green. The Pétrusse Valley, for example, offers lush, open spaces where many locals and tourists relax or take walks.
Otherwise, you can go to the Municipal Park to enjoy manicured gardens, children’s play areas, and tranquil spots perfect for picnicking with friends or family.

Luxembourg Travel Guide - City - BesTripTips

Natural Wonders

Luxembourg is undoubtedly tiny but still incredibly rich in natural beauty!
There, you can find a surprising variety of landscapes, from dense forests and rivers to rugged cliffs and green valleys.

An example? One of Luxembourg’s most beloved natural areas is the Mullerthal Region, which people call “Little Switzerland” due to its green landscape and dense forests. This area is famous for its exceptional hiking trails, notably the Mullerthal Trail, a 112-kilometer route that weaves through stunning sandstone formations and deep wooded valleys.

Another option to enjoy Luxembourg’s natural wonders is the portion of the Ardennes. This area starkly contrasts the more cultivated landscapes of the south. A region rich in forests, rugged terrain, and high plateaus that offer spectacular views. But you won’t find just nature there! The area is also dotted with castles and historical sites, adding a cultural element to its natural appeal.

Natural Wonders - Luxembourg Travel Guide - BesTripTips

Attractions and Festivities

If you visit Luxembourg during National Day, celebrated on June 23rd each year, take advantage of the various events organized all around the county. The day commemorates the Grand Duke’s birthday, so you can enjoy a grand military parade, fireworks, concerts, and festivities. 

Otherwise, at the end of summer, you can enjoy the Schueberfouer, Luxembourg’s biggest funfair, held in Luxembourg City. It dates back to the 14th century and combines traditional fair attractions with modern rides, games, and food stalls. This event lasts about three weeks and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually!

Finally, in the Moselle Valley, the annual wine and grape festivals take place in late summer and early autumn. In this case, we recommend visiting towns like Grevenmacher, which celebrates the grape harvest with parades, wine tastings, and cultural performances, providing an authentic look at Luxembourg’s viticultural heritage!

Luxembourg Travel Guide: 5 Unusual Things to Do

Explore the Urban Art of Luxembourg City

In Luxembourg City, there are a lot of streets that offer art scenes. One of the best spots to witness this colorful street art is the area around Bonnevoie. Here, local and international artists have transformed urban spaces with stunning murals reflecting diverse styles and themes. Suppose you are interested in a structured exploration of Luxembourg City’s street art. In that case, guided art tours are usually available and can provide a deeper insight into the local art scene, highlighting significant works and their stories. 

Participate in a Medieval Festival

In Luxembourg, medieval festivals are a popular cultural attraction. Several events take place throughout the year in different locations. The most famous one is in Vianden, a picturesque town known for its stunning castle. The Vianden Medieval Festival typically takes place in summer and lasts two weeks (from late July to early August). 

This festival transforms the town into a lively medieval marketplace with knights, jesters, artisans, and musicians, offering you a chance to step back in time and experience the Middle Ages in an immersive setting. Another event is the Medieval Festival at Useldange Castle, usually in June. It is a minor festival featuring a range of medieval-themed activities, including historical reenactments, workshops, and traditional entertainment.

Knight armor weapons helmet - BesTripTips

Visit the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

This is the site where General George S. Patton is buried alongside thousands of American soldiers who died during World War II. It is meticulously maintained, and the atmosphere provides a genuinely moving experience, unlike the usual tourist spots.

Experience Dining in the Dark

If you enjoy extravagant culinary experiences, you can also try dining in complete darkness at a restaurant in Luxembourg City. The experience is offered by “Dans le Noir”, which allows guests to enjoy a meal in complete darkness, enhancing the other senses and changing the way flavors and textures are perceived. The idea is to focus entirely on the food’s taste, smell, and texture without the visual context!

Take a Ghost Tour of Vianden Castle

Are you a fan of horror or supernatural experiences? Then, you can explore the darker side of Vianden Castle with a nighttime ghost tour. You will hear chilling tales of the castle’s past and explore the ancient corridors and dungeons by lantern light: a perfect activity that can be real fun, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends!

Vianden Castle - Luxembourg Travel Guide - BesTripTips

Ready To Use This Luxembourg Travel Guide For Your Next Trip?

You have just read the Luxembourg travel guide by BesTripTips. So, what do you think? Are you ready to depart? As we told you, Luxembourg may be tiny but can offer you a lot in history, cuisine, strange and funny experiences, and natural life.
This guide has only scratched the surface of what you can discover once in this charming country. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, visit Luxembourg, and come back here to find other exciting places for your next trip! 

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